Motilal 1

Motilal 1

MOTILAL takes care of the buffaloes and assists with the vegetable garden at our Jhansi Children's Home, in India. He is teaching the children how to care for the animals and gives a hand with the gardening.
We are hoping to develop and grow the 'Buffalo project' so that we can produce enough milk and yogurt for the children and sell some as well to generate some much needed finance for Motilal's income. This is part of our sustainability project. We are needing sponsors to do this? Can you help or do you know someone who may be in a position to do so? even once of donations will be gratefully received.
Motilal pulls a radish from our garden. The extensive garden is part of our sustainability project here at Jhansi, India. The boys have enjoyed learning a lot about growing vegetables and everyone at the home has benefitted at meal times.

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